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Learning Japanese is the key to understanding the culture and traditions of Japan, a country that has managed to combine the beauty of both the ancient and the modern. For those who want to explore the myriad opportunities available for working or doing business in Japan, a good command of the language is essential in addition to knowing about Japanese business culture.

Japanese is one of the languages approved by the MOE to be offered in-lieu of a Mother Tongue. Students can also choose to take Japanese as a 3rd language at the GCSE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels. Agape School of Education adheres closely to the MOE curriculum and classes are scheduled such that they are in sync with the MOE academic calendar.

For those who would like to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT), Agape School of Education offers highly effective preparatory classes.

Japan is a major economic player in the region, and in recent years the country has been looking to expand its trade networks internationally. However, navigating complex Japanese business etiquette has proved challenging for many non-Japanese.

If you find yourself needing to interact with Japanese business partners or clients, Agape School of Education offers both corporate training and classes for individuals that can be customised to meet your needs.

One of the challenges that international families face is communication. The complex nuances of spoken language also means that cultural knowledge is an important factor in communicating effectively.

At Agape School of Education, our Japanese language courses not only focus on reading and writing, but also on speaking, listening and culture that will help you communicate better with your Japanese relatives and friends.

Going for a vacation in Japan? Ordering food and taking public transport are some of the tasks that stump travellers not familiar with the language and culture of Japan. Agape School of Education offers basic Japanese classes that will quickly get you up to speed for your travels.

If your reason for learning Japanese is to delve into the depths of anime, J-Pop, ikebana or other aspects of Japanese culture, Agape School of Education is always ready to help.

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Mother Tongue in-Lieu
For children who have received permission from the Ministry of Education (MOE) to study Japanese in lieu of an official Mother Tongue language, Agape School of Education offers second language courses that adhere closely to the MOE syllabus.


MOELC Admission Test Preparation
Agape School of Education offers classes that help students who would like to pass the competitive MOELC Admission Test in order to study Japanese as a 2nd or 3rd language from secondary school onwards.
Secondary School and JC
At Agape School of Education, we offer Japanese language courses for students taking it as a 2nd of 3rd language right up to ‘A’ level. Classes follow the MOELC curriculum and are paced according to the MOE’s academic schedule.
JLPT Exam Preparation
The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) is an internationally-recognized certificate of Japanese proficiency. Here at Agape School of Education we will help you prepare for and ace whatever level of the test you are taking in the shortest possible amount of time.
Adult Classes
Learning Japanese for your job? Or maybe you want to watch anime without subtitles? Agape School of Education offers a variety of classes from beginner to advanced, that will help you acquire the level of proficiency you need.
Customised Classes
Can’t find anything that suits you? We provide customized classes upon request. Contact us and we’ll work with you to create a customized course offering that caters to your specific needs.
Learning Japanese is a fun-filled journey that is ultimately very rewarding. Agape School of Education aims to support students at every stage of their learning, by offering engaging courses that incorporate not only language but culture as well. Here’s what some of our students have to say about their experiences:
Our Japanese teachers are native speakers who bring to the table a wealth of experience teaching the language. They are passionate about the Japanese language and would love to share their insights and experiences with you.

At the Japanese Desk of Agape School of Education, you would have the opportunities to learn the Japanese language and culture through the various Japanese language programs, as well as receive all assistance and enquiries that you might have regarding the Japanese language and culture.

Send your enquiries to [email protected] so that we could provide you with more information on our Japanese language courses.

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We offer Academic courses for schooling students, general courses for those who want to learn, and also the specialised courses.